sfSound presents Tinnitus Insect Volume Knobs

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Tuesday, August 8, 2014 8pm
Yerba Buena Forums
Bay Area Now 7’s core concept is to experiment with new approaches to traditional curatorial structures that highlight collaboration within our region’s cultural eco-system and which push beyond the boundaries of the performance stage towards a multidisciplinary celebration of some of the most exciting artistic voices in the Bay Area today.

For this event, sfSound presents a new sonic work for amplified acoustic instruments as a continuation of their Tinnitus Insect Volume Knobs project that explores the psychoacoustic phenomena of “difference tones.” When two tones are played simultaneously, listeners can perceive an additional tone whose frequency is a sum or difference of the two frequencies. By performing only closely-tuned pitches above 1000Hz, the resulting synthesized difference tones are in a clearly lower audio range. In a reverberant space such as the Center for New Music, the acoustics only contribute to this effect. Hard to reproduce over recordings, listeners often perceive the (harmless!) difference tones as strangely originating from inside the ear.

Yerba Buena Forums

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